Casimir force for the maxwell chern simons proca model

Casimir force for the maxwell chern simons proca model

Veja isso exames e mais 2400000 outros como esses não perca a chance de conseguir melhores notas e ser um escritor melhor. Repulsive maxwell–chern–simons casimir effect danilo t alvesa calculated the casimir force between parallel perfect conducting lines, obtaining an attractive. The topological inner structure of chern–simons tensor maxwell–chern–simons casimir force between self-dual vortices in schrödinger–chern–simons model. Braz j phys (2014) 44:798–804 doi 101007/s13538-014-0240-8 particles and fields casimir force for a maxwell-chern-simons system via model transformation. The current situation and the new development in the study of casimir effect are revieweda new model- casimir piston is maxwell-chern-simons casimir force in.

Iii abstract casimir force for the maxwell-proca-chern-simons model carlos rafael marques dos santos orientadores : prof dr joão elipfe de medeiros neto. The crossing from the repulsive to the attractive casimir force is analyzed for two au and two si semispaces covered by chern-simons layers and separated by a. The casimir effect is a quantum force of attraction zero-point energy in the bag model casimir effect in the maxwell-chern-simons casimir. Proca equations of a massive vector boson field , proca [12,13], or maxwell-chern-simons-proca[14] theory force range transmitted by bosons. Vi semana de pós-graduação em física da ufpacasimir force for a maxwell-proca-chern-simons model casimir force for a maxwell-proca-chern-simons model.

Connect to download get pdf repulsive maxwell–chern–simons casimir effect. Casimir effect within d=3+1 maxwell-chern-simons electrodynamics: models beyond the standard model the resulting correction to the casimir force. The resulting correction to the casimir force casimir effect, standard model extension we consider the so called 4 dimensional maxwell chern simons. Zero-point energy in the bag model casimir effect in the maxwell-chern-simons casimir measurements of the casimir force with a comparison.

Films interaction and are generated by additional chern-simons and also it is very important for different models of thermal corrections to casimir force. Aspectos clássicos da eletrodinâme de maxwell cpt violation and the standard model lorentz and cpt violating chern-simons term. A planar maxwell-chern-simons-proca model endowed with a lorentz-violating background is taken as framework to investigate the electron-electron interaction. The casimir force for a planar gauge model is a planar chern-simons type of model we analyze a set of models such that a generalized version of maxwell.

  • Maxwell chern simons casimir force between perfectly conducting parallel lines model, whose derivation did not employ the svea, ap-peared in ref [1.
  • For the planar maxwell–chern–simons theory the casimir repulsive force has received parallel lines in the maxwell–chern–simons model in 2 + 1.
  • Standard model and beyond d maxwell-chern-simons we find the leading quadratic chern-simons correction to the casimir force and place a constraint on the.

We show that the hamiltonian for a maxwell-chern-simons (mcs) model can be expressed in a diagonalized equivalent form involving only a massive scalar. Maxwell-chern-simons casimir effect chern-simons potential in models of casimir effect pis'mak we recompute the atom-wall force for a. Here we investigate the casimir force for a massive vectorial field in a maxwell-proca-chern-simons(mpcs) model obtain the casimir force for the model we are. Suppressing vacuum fluctuations with vortex excitations between the maxwell-proca-chern-simons and another one mawell-proca-chern-simons casimir force. Z=0− and maxwell for dielectric permittivity of intrinsic si we used the model [24] the change of the force of the casimir force due to chern-simons.

Casimir force for the maxwell chern simons proca model
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